Photo Video 3-Point Continuous Lighting Kit

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Product Details

1150w Professional 3-Point Photo Video Quality Continuous Lighting Kits 

This Brand New Photo Video Continuous Lighting Kit comes complete with Green Screen, 10ft Adjustable Background Stand, Boom Stand + Sand Bag, Softboxes and more… 

Please see below a detailed list of whats included in the kit.

Kit Includes: 

1 x Backdrop Support Stand (8.5 x 10ft) with Carry Bag

1 x Chromakey Muslin Green Screen (10 x 13ft) 

3 x 7ft Studio Light Stands 

3 x Softboxes 20 x 28 (inch) 

3 x Lamp Light Sockets

3 x Diffuser Panels

3 x Light Bulbs 85 Watts (5500 Kelvin) 

1 x Boom Stand + Sandbag (sand not included) 

Padded Carry Bag Not Included!

This is a Complete Lighting Kit with Everything You Need Right Out of the Box!

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