Posted on February 08 2018


How 3 Point Continuous Lighting can make your Photographs look more Professional:

As we all know lighting can make or break a photo, this is why lighting is the single most important thing to look for when creating appealing content. If you are looking to stand out you’ll need a professional quality lighting setup. Photo Video Studio Kits do just that - giving you a complete lighting kit, including everything you need, right to your door. 

Once you have a lighting setup, learning how to place 3-point lighting is critical when creating photography or content for viewers. With these tools you can light your subject from three different sources in order to control the shadows and balance the contrast. This type of lighting works well in interview setups, promo videos, webinars, and a variety of other shooting situations. For example, my personal favourite, portrait photography!


Photo Video Studio lighting kits come complete with a backdrop and green screen, 3-point continuous lighting, adjustable stands, and more!

Everything you need right out of the box to capture professional quality content.


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